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Goal Hero TM

The Next Game in the Series, Coming Soon!

With Strengths and Troubles TM: The Wellness Board Game published, we're working on the next in the Goal Quest Games series, Goal Hero TM.

Goal Hero will also be a tabletop game: an RPG (Role Playing Game) adventure where players go on a quest. That quest is to turn a wish into a viable goal.

Once again the Wellness Dimensions will play a part!

Here's a description from the draft of our

Adventure Handbook
Welcome to the Goal Hero Adventure!

In this game players form a party of Heroes to come to the aid of their friend, Green the Meeple. Green has a problem and a secret wish. That wish needs to be transformed into a workable goal! Playing your role of Hero, you'll guide Green through explorations in the Realm of Possibilities. Fun and danger await as Green learns what it takes to set a Golden Goal.

Open this handbook to begin the adventure!

Goal Hero is a cooperative Role-Playing Game for two to five players ages 13 to adult.

We've made good progress on Goal Hero and plan to publish it early in 2019.

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